Environmental Statement

TROPICAL CATERING & EVENTS – Environmental Statement

Tropical Catering & Events is based out of the Pacific Hotel Cairns and is located at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage Area declared in 1981 by UNESCO because of its outstanding universal value.

This Listing recognised the Reef as being one of the most remarkable places on earth, as well as its global importance and its natural worth.

Acknowledging its strategic location, Tropical Catering & Events is committed to conservation efforts that support long term environmental practices in every location and venue that we work in in this region.

We are committed to integrating environmentally positive operating practices which provide a superior guest experience and at the same time benefit the local environment.

Some of the ways in which Tropical Catering & Events fosters its environmental commitment are:

Natural Resource Conservation

  • Incandescent light bulbs have been replaced with energy efficient LED bulbs wherever possible for lighting used in our offsite catering kitchens and BOH areas
  • Motion sensors have been installed in many back-of house areas including our office and equipment storage areas to automatically turn off lights when not in use
  • Office Paper sourced from 100% sustainable plantation in Indonesia.  The paper mill has an  ISO 9001 certified Environmental Management system.
  • Environmental Management Fee – Laundry Service provider
    We pay a surcharge of 3.5% to our Laundry Service provider.  The provider has a waste management system in place to reduce the amount of waste water leaving their premises.  The Laundry Service provider is environmentally conscious as they have a recycled water plant and a new boiler to reduce gas emissions and energy consumption.
  • Our policy is to “leave no footprint”. All venues and locations are left in clean and pristine conditions – just the same if not better than when we arrive.

Waste Management and Recycling

  • Recycling bins are always used as part of our waste management program at off site events.
  • Any oils from cooking equipment used off site is responsibly disposed of through the Hotel’s kitchen waste program. This is in accordance with the rules stipulated by Cairns Regional Council.

Chemicals and Cleaning Systems

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products on our kitchen tents and equipment wherever possible to help reduce chemical use considerably . This eliminates the risk of polluting the environment through contaminated water and is safer for personnel engaged in cleaning activities.